Jail and Prison Search Tools

When a loved one is in custody, it can be difficult to know how to stay in touch. This page provides links to find someone in custody and information about contact and visits.

Keep in mind that custodial institutions have many rules you must follow in order to have a successful visit. These include the following:

  • Limits on who can visit and when,
  • Strict identification requirements,
  • Rules about what to wear, and
  • Limitations on what you can bring to a visit

Three of the most common custodial agencies in and around Cook County are:

The Cook County Jail

People held here are either awaiting trial on a pending state criminal charge or serving a limited sentence, less than a year, for a state misdemeanor,

To locate an inmate in the Cook County Jail System, please use the Cook County Inmate Locator Tool here

For in-person visitation scheduling, please click herePlease be aware that before you visit each inmate for the first time at Cook County Jail, you must complete and submit an application.

For Frequently Asked Questions about visitation, please click here.

For a list of items that are prohibited, please click here.

The Illinois Department of Corrections

People held here are serving sentences after conviction for a state felony, or case that carries more than 1 year in custody.

To find someone in the Illinois Department of Corrections, follow this link.

Once you have found the facility in which the inmate is being housed, click on this link, then on the name of the facility, to learn where and how to visit.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center

Prisoners here are either charged or convicted of a federal crime;

To find out if the inmate it is at the Metropolitan Correctional Center (MCC), follow this link:

To learn how to visit an inmate at the MCC, follow this link.