Immigration Division

The Immigration Division of the Cook County Public Defender's Office aims to protect noncitizen clients from deportation.

  • The division works with assistant public defenders representing clients before the Circuit Court of Cook County to ascertain potential adverse immigration consequences arising from their Cook County cases and recommend alternate resolutions.
  • Our immigration attorneys represent noncitizens, including current and former public defender clients, before the Chicago Immigration Court. 

The Immigration Division can be reached at and at 312-603-0636.

Resources/Links for Recently Arrived Individuals to the United States

    Crimes and Immigration Law: What You Need to Know (A Guide for Immigrants in Illinois): English; Spanish

    National Immigrant Justice Center’s Welcome to Chicago guide: English; Spanish

    Know your rights if you encounter ICE.

    Directory of immigration non-profit organizations.

    Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) list of pro bono service providers.

    The Chicago Immigration Court has two locations: 

    Main location:
    55 E. Monroe, Suite 1500
    Chicago, Il 60603

    Satellite court:
    536 S. Clark, Room 340
    Chicago, Il 60605

    Locate other immigration courts.

    Learn if you are in immigration court proceedings and have court dates in front of a judge by visiting Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) Automated Case Information or by calling 1-800-898-7180. You will need your alien registration number, which begins with the letter A and is followed by 9 digits. 

    If you need to change your address with the court, use this form.

    Important: If you need to change the location of your hearings from another city to Chicago, you will also need to file a motion to change venue before your scheduled hearing.  If you miss your hearing, you will receive a removal order.  Visit the Chicago Immigration Court Helpdesk, on Tuesday or Wednesday between 8;30am and 3pm in the "Pro Bono Room" at the Chicago Immigration Court, 55 E. Monroe St, Suite 1500, for help with this motion.

    You can learn about the immigration court process here: English; Spanish.

    Chicago Field Office:  101 W. Ida B. Wells, 4th floor
    Chicago, Il 60605
    (312) 347-2400

    To update your address with ICE.

    To schedule or change your ICE appointment.

    If no appointments are available, and you are supposed to report to ICE by a certain date, send an email to with the following information: 

    • Your name and A#
    • Your address
    • Your phone number

    To learn if your loved one is detained and where, use this locator.

    Information about the application form: English; Spanish. (Please note that the actual application form is only available in English and must be filed in English.)

    Spanish version of I-589. (Please note that this is an older version of the form and is for guidance only.)

    Filing your I-589 Application without an attorney.

    Frequently asked questions for asylum seekers: English; Spanish.

    For help deciding whether to apply for asylum or TPS, or both, visit English; Spanish.

    Information on who currently qualifies for TPS.

    If you have been arrested in Cook County and are in police custody, you can call the Public Defender Arrest Hotline at 1-844-817-4448 and an attorney will come to represent you for free.

    Find out when your next criminal court hearing is.

    Addresses and phone numbers for each Cook County Courthouse.

    Sign up for court reminders.

    Find your public defender.

    To find someone who is detained in the Cook County Jail or the Illinois Department of Corrections, see the search tools here

    To obtain a certified record regarding your criminal case, visit the Daley Center at 50 W. Washington, Room 1006 (10th floor). They are open between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday.  

    Interfaith Community for Displaced Immigrants (ICDI) Resource Guide.

    How to obtain a temporary visitor driver’s license.

    Workers’ Rights Manual.

    Housing Rights for Immigrant Tenants: English; Spanish.

    Flyer listing multiple resources and services in Chicago.

    Flyer listing your rights under law.

    Click on the images below for fact sheets and flyers on the Immigration Division.

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    Main Location

    Immigration Division
    69 W. Washington
    Chicago, IL 60602
    (312) 603-0636