Sharone Mitchell, Jr., and the progressive case against gun permits - New York Times First Person podcast

Sharone Mitchell, Jr., is the public defender for Cook County, which includes Chicago, a city with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Growing up on the South Side, Mitchell was raised to believe that guns are dangerous and harmful, a view that was reinforced by his experiences as a public defender and gun control advocate. But those experiences have also led him to believe that gun-permitting laws are harmful, as he explains to Lulu Garcia-Navarro in this episode of the New York Times First Person podcast.

In the podcast, Mitchell speaks about racially targeted enforcement of gun possession statutes. In Cook County, racially disproportionate enforcement of gun rules sends thousands of Black people to prison because they do not have or cannot get the required licenses, not because they've been accused of harming someone.

Mitchell has been characterized as an unlikely defender of gun rights. As he points out in the podcast, it is important to listen to his full explanation of his views.

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