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When a loved one is in custody, it can sometimes be very difficult to know how to contact them or where to visit them. Because of the demands for security at custodial institutions, there are rules that you have to know in order to insure that your attempts to visit will be successful. Many corrections facilities and jails have limits on who can visit, when you can visit, what clothes you can wear to a visit, and what you can bring with you. Besides those limitations, most custodial agencies have strict requirements for identification. Even if a visit to an inmate may not be possible, you may want to correspond or provide an inmate with resources for necessities while they are being held. Sometimes, you just need to know where your loved one is being housed. The following links should be able to help: Three of the most common custodial agencies in and around Cook County are:

1. The Cook County Jail: Prisoners held here are either awaiting trial on a pending state criminal charge or serving a limited sentence, less than a year, for a state misdemeanor To find someone you believed to be held at the Cook County Jail, follow this link:


Please be aware that before you visit each inmate for the first time at Cook County Jail, you must complete and submit an application.

To learn the times and locations for visitation at the Cook County Jail, follow this link:

2. The Illinois Department of Corrections: Prisoners held here are serving sentences after conviction for a state felony, or case that carries more than 1 year in custody.

To find someone in the Illinois Department of Corrections, follow this link:

Once you have found the facility in which the inmate is being housed, follow the link with the name of that facility to learn where and how to visit by clicking on this link:

3. The Metropolitan Correctional Center: Prisoners here are either charged or convicted of a federal crime;

To find out if the inmate it is at the MCC, follow this link:

To learn how to visit an inmate at the MCC, follow this link: