City Law Department emails reviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times indicate that for years, police used little-known court proceedings to hold thousands of suspects.

Lawyers are consistently judged for what they wear in the courtroom, and it can dramatically affect their clients' lives.

It’s a scene that happens every weekday at the Cook County Jail: a bus transports a group of inmates, all handcuffed, to court in the Chicago suburbs. Most of those trips are uneventful; detainees are brought to their hearings and return to jail without incident. But in some cases, those buses ignite the kinds of violence the jail is designed to prevent.

After proclaiming his innocence for nearly 20 years, Xavier Walker Wednesday was set to walk out of the Cook County Jail a free man after prosecutors dropped all charges against him in a 2000 murder case.

The Cook County Public Defender wants to undo a court decision that alows holding preteens in custody. The case involved a 12-year-old boy who was arrested last year for his alleged involvement in an armed robbery.

Cook wants minors under 13 kept out, appeals says it can't

Calling “backward” the United States treatment of juveniles, Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli said she plans to ask the Illinois Supreme Court to reverse an Illinois Appellate Court decision last week that permits holding pre-teenagers in custody.

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A state appeals court has ruled against a Cook County ordinance banning the jailing of children under 13, writing in a new opinion that the county board does not have the authority to bar commitment to the juvenile jail when a judge has determined it is necessary.

The database is “inaccurate,” generates “false narrative” that people released on bond are responsible for Chicago’s gun violence, critics said.