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Head of the Cook County Public Defender’s Office, Amy Campanelli, discusses holding CPD accountable and a lawsuit her offi

The suit filed by the Cook County public defenders office and several activist groups accuses the Chicago Police Department of a “long record” of denying these rights to arrestees.


Lawyers from the Cook County public defender office led a Black Lives Matter march around the Leighton Criminal Courthouse and jail facility Monday afternoon.

Former President Barack Obama urged American mayors to take action at the local level to heal relations between police departments and black communities in a virtual town hall Wednesday. Cook County public defender Amy Campanelli joined Good Day with some insight on what that should look like.

The Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender has received numerous calls in recent weeks from individuals who were contacted by someone claiming to be an attorney from our office and soliciting money in exchange for providing legal representation to those individuals’ loved ones.

Denying family contact, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, is a horrible misplaced priority. It should not be part of our state’s policy.

Prison Education Unlocks Potential

AT ISSUE: Amy Campanelli, Public Defender 4/12/2020 AT ISSUE ON WBBM NEWSRADIO SUNDAY, APRIL 12TH Cook County Public Defender Amy Campanelli says the Court system has adjusted pretty well to the restrictions dictated by the Coronavirus pandemic, but she still has some concerns. Craig Dellimore reports.

Despite the concerted efforts of the Cook County state’s attorney, sheriff and public defender to limit the spread of coronavirus inside the Cook County Jail, it is now “ the nation’s largest-known source” of infections, according to an analysis by the New York Times.