Civil asset forfeiture is a tool ripe for abuse. It raises civil liberties concerns and offers little public safety value. It would be a step backward for Chicago after other jurisdictions have abandoned or reformed such tactics.

Community groups join ACLU and Cook County Public Defender urging City of Chicago to drop plan for new civil asset forfeiture powers

The Cook County Public Defender sent a letter on January 13, 2022 to all members of the Chicago City Council requesting they reject the "Victims Just Ordinance" authorizing the city to bring civil lawsuits against gangs to seize assets.

This op-ed argues that the same oppressive system that was called out in 2020 is still hard at work.

Why public defenders are standing with the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association in the Supreme Court.

A power struggle has been brewing in Cook County, where job offers to several attorneys from Public Defender Sharone Mitchell were rescinded after confusion over the county's drug policy. Recreational marijuana became legal in Illinois last January. That complicated the hiring process for many, including a handful of attorneys offered jobs months ago by the Cook County Public Defender's Office. Their offers were revoked when drug tests came back positive for marijuana.

Assistant Public Defender Takenya Nixon Brail writes in Teen Vogue to explain why rising crime large urban cities like Chicago ought not lead to more policing.

The Criminal Courthouse at 26th and California is reopening post-pandemic.

A better-funded public defender’s office could be a leader in the fight for equity and justice, Sharone Mitchell said. Public defenders “put a mirror to the system and say that this isn’t working for us."

The Naperville resident had been a frequent college chess opponent of future ‘Game of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin, who featured an archrival in his story ‘Unsound Variations.’